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All of our beeswax candle covers are hand dipped on location in the U.S. and drips are then added by hand. None of our finished beeswax candles are the product of a mold so no two will look exactly alike. These are truly one of a kind. We also offer our beeswax candles with no drips for those who want a clean, contemporary look. The smaller candelabra and medium base are the most common sizes. However, you may decide that you would prefer a larger size to provide a more substantial look. For this reason we offer beeswax candles up to 4" diameter and up to 10" tall.

Please note that our beeswax candle covers are limited to bulbs of 25 watt maximum unless otherwise noted. We do not recommend the use of beeswax covers with shades or in an enclosed fixture since the heat buildup will increase the risk of melting. If you need to use a higher wattage bulb, are using shades, or are purchasing for an enclosed fixture, we recommend that you select a candle from our extensive resin collection. You may safely use LED bulbs of any wattage with our beeswax covers.

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Beeswax Candle Covers

Determining the Correct Size

Beeswax Pillar Candle

Our translucent candle sleeves (also known as candle shells) are designed for the bulb to be placed inside the candle to produce a beautiful ambiance as shown in the above images. These candles for chandeliers are available in both real beeswax and resin.

Our translucent beeswax shell is made with a transparent acrylic core for strength and then covered in beeswax and beeswax drips. The result is the light glowing through the wax as shown in the pictures. Similar candles from other sources are usually the product of a mold. The acrylic core in our candle is designed to add strength and the hand dipping ensures that no two will look exactly alike. Each one is genuinely one of a kind. To view available options and full specifications just click any of the above images.

For our customers who want the translucent look but prefer the durability of resin, we offer a line of translucent resin candles. These candles are available with drips or without drips for a clean smooth look. All of the resin candles in this collection are designed to have the most realistic look possible.

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Our Beeswax Collection

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Translucent Beeswax Candles

Our products are available in a variety of sizes and styles. If this is your first time searching for socket covers for chandeliers this can get a little confusing. If you are unfamiliar with trade terms you may never have heard of candle covers or candle sleeves! This page will give you a brief overview of sizes and styles.

First let's address the socket size found on your lighting fixture. 'Candelabra' and 'medium base' are the socket sizes that are found on most lighting fixtures designed for the U.S. market. Some of our products are designed to fit specifically over these sockets so it is important to choose the correct size. Here is how to decide:

The smaller sized 'candelabra' have a socket size of 3/4". This is the most commonly used socket on chandeliers and sconces. To fit this socket our candle cover will have an interior of 13/16". The larger sized 'medium base' has a socket size of approximately 1-1/8". The candle cover designed to fit this socket has an interior of 1-3/16". If you need help in determining the correct socket size or candle height please view our Measurement & Installation page for detailed directions.

For our customers who need to use higher wattage bulbs we carry a durable yet extremely realistic line of resin candle sleeves. These durable socket covers for chandeliers and sconces are washable and heat resistant. Depending on the application many of these candles can safely withstand up to 60 watts. For outdoor use we recommend choosing a product from our resin line.

In our business we have noticed that most resin candle covers have a shiny plastic appearance that does not adequately replicate a real candle. As a result we spend time searching the market for the most realistic looking products and we believe we have found them! We think you will agree that these candles have the most authentic simulated wax look that you can find. In addition to offering resin candles with drips, we also offer a variety of smooth resin candles with no drips.

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